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 Love in London 01

Love in London is a Steampunk graphic novel full of violence, swearing and crude jokes is all set in an alternative Victorian London at the time of Jack the Ripper.  Love in London 01







 Meanwhile Comic 01

This was a one off comic created byR.S. Freshpea roughly 1995 and was recently discovered when going through some old boxes in his garage.

Meanwhile Comic issue 01








Cape Lifting

Cape Lifting is an occasional one paneled comic lampooning popular superheroes.  See here for the complete collection so far.






Badgers and Jam

See also R.S. Freshpea’s Poems, Puns and Pandula Jocularity Badgers and Jam




green cock v1p1



Superhero adventures of The Green Cock




and the Meanwhile Comix team’s photos of Crap Superhero Toys.


Feeling Generous?
If you enjoyed any of these comics and feel a little flushed, please donate what you can.  Those pens, sketch books and bottles of late night gin don’t pay for themselves you know.