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12-Cape-Lifting-Doctor-DoomWell, most of the Meanwhile Comix gang are now at the Edinburgh fringe doing shows and it’s been a productive time.
We’ve all started getting comfortable in our performance rooms.
Rob Deb has reviewed Guardians of the Galaxy.
Nik and I have recorded the second episode of the I Wupped Batman’s Ass podcast.
I did a new Doctor Doom Cape Lifting and Nik decided to act all “Joan Collins needing a Snickers” and sabotage it because he cried into his frilly pink knickers over the pumpkins bombs I added to his Spider-Man Cape Lifting.  What a diva.

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Cape Lifting 10 and There’s a Gap in the Market – R.S. Freshpea

I was hoping to have the Meanwhile Comix website awash with interviews and reviews of people doing shows about their comic book related show.  However it seems the only people doing exclusively comic book shows are from the Meanwhile Comix team.  So stay tuned to read reviews and interviews about a pair of idiots you already know.  OK, I exaggerate, there’s one or two more but there’s definitely a gap in the market here.

But so far, my recommendations are

Battle of the Super Heroes Edinburgh Fringe 2014


Battle of the Superheroes
With the huge success of The Avengers and the Batman trilogy, the return of the Amazing Spider-Man and Superman movies, and Captain America, Iron Man and Wolverine making the A-list to name but a few, superheroes have never been so popular. But who is the best? Be part of this interactive, fun (but deadly serious!) comedy debate as a compere, adjudicator and four of the best comedians from around the Fringe converge in a verbal war of words in an endeavour to find out who is the greatest of them all.

Free Festival Laughing Horse @ Espionage 5pm 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th and 24th Aug.





 Rob Deb 20th Anniversary Edition

Back in June 1994, young, in love with stand up and being a Cosmic Comedy Club semi-finalist, 18-year-old Robin Deb started a voyage of comedy for the next 20 years. This show is an alternative history of the last two decades of stand-up comedy. ‘He’s really engaging, a fast-talker with shabby charm … Deb could become the Lenny Bruce of the sci-fi and role playing convention scenes’ (Skinny).

Free Festival Laughing Horse @ The Counting House 1st-16th Aug 8pm




 Choose Your Own Comedy Adventure

YOU control this interactive comedy show. A multimedia spectacular full of animated wizardry and normal wizardry. Cloaked villains, moral dilemmas, anti-establishment robots and sexy werewolves await! In this show the audience is in charge. So if YOU like making choices, and the capitalisation of the word ‘YOU’, this would seem ideal. Your guides on this epic journey are 2013 Malcolm Hardee award winner Bary Fens ‘the antidote to the Fringe’s cheap laughs’ ***** (ThreeWeeks), and 2014 New Act of The Year winner, Alasdair Beckett-King ‘delicious writing and exceptional observations’ ( A unique adventure every night!

Free Festival Laughing Horse @ Counting House 11.15pm 1st-24th (not 5th, 12th or19th)

Oh and here’s the new Cape Lifting.  That’s two in a week I haven’t drawn yet.  What the hell’s going on?  I feel a take over from my staff.  They are revolting.

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Cape Lifting 08 – I do like to be beside the seaside – R.S. Freshpea


West Bay Broadchurch cliffs 1 I recently went on holiday to West Bay and when I went to the beach I had many revelations.  First of all I found a new location for the second Love in London story.  I always imagined that each story would be based somewhere different so it would be called Love in… insert place name here.  I absolutely love the place and imagined how it would be in the winter time.



West Bay Broadchurch cliffs 2It has a beautiful coastline that I quickly realised was used in the rather amazing TV show Broadchurch.  It has a great history and also what they call the Jurassic coastline.  I’ve always had a thing for seaside towns and for some reason want to spend time in one during a really cold out of season period with the brutal waves crashing against the entire town.  I decided there and then that part two would be set there and it would give me an excuse to have dinosaurs in part 2.  Still need to finish all the issues of the first story but it’s always good to plan ahead.



I also had a great idea to do the next Cape Lifting like a seaside postcard so did loads of Batman sand sculptures.

This drove Nik Coppin into a massive hissy fit which forced his to colour in his own Cape Lifting as I said I had no time to do another one and if one wasn’t ready by Weds I’d use the Batman sand castles.







When he sent it there was no background and there was far too much space above and below.  So as a good editor in chief I quite happily did the background for him.

He replied, “You’re such an asshole.  But that did make me laugh. C**t.”






Still going and Cape Lifting 07 Thanos – R.S. Freshpea

Hey you, put down that gun. And you, take your head out of that noose. And for gods sake stop playing that Justin Beiber CD. Life is worth living guys, because the new Cape Lifting is fresh out of the oven.

I like this one a lot.  The jokes are getting better and so are the drawings.  It’s multi-layered and it’s great, mainly because I have created it all on my own.  The team are starting to slack off and seem more bogged down with getting on with their own lives and writing Edinburgh shows.  How bloody selfish.  But I am now getting back to writing Love in London episode 2.  A new simpler newspaper type strip based on fictional children in the town of Dunstable, more Cape Liftings and my own Edinburgh show, which is pretty much written.  I just have to find the time and strength to put it into a coherent package, pick up a projector and finish the animation.

But till then, enjoy the latest Cape Lifting starring that happy chappy Thanos.  Thanos?  You know Thanos.  He’s the guy no one knew who the hell he was, even when you saw him at the end of The Avengers movie, then you checked him out on Wikipedia and bought the recent Thanos Rising comic and now you’re an expert.  Yes, that’s him.


I’m still ill and Cape Lifting 06 – R.S. Freshpea

I’ve been in bed most of the week with a bloody virus that robbed me of all my strength.  I’ve been barely able to lift anything and walking’s even been a bit of a struggle.  Going up and down the stairs has been a particular problem especially when your wife and mother in law seem to have a fetish for leaving their shit on said stair.  Hand bags, shopping and on one occasion a life sized three foot high toy cuddly dog.  I’m 95% better now thanks for asking and will slap the person who gave this to me.  Obviously when I’ve got all my strength back otherwise it will only be sexual harassment at best as I gently caress their face in an angry way.

Oh and here’s the latest Cape Lifting


Motivating the staff and Cape Lifting 05 – The Punisher – R.S. Freshpea

In between trying to motivate my lazy staff to do some work and looking through Rob’s “Great Graphic Novels You Should Read” articles, I had to make everyone’s breakfast, clean the house, mow the lawn and tend after a post operation wife.  Luckily I still had time to do some comic work while my daughter was asleep and the chores were done and I’m proud to say I got another Cape Lifting finished.  This was was written by Andrew Roper.  Doubt if I’ll hear from the lazy bastard for a few weeks now, due to the sheer exhaustion of so much writing and being bloody pedantic about all my other ideas.


The World Cup and Cape Lifting 04 – R.S. Freshpea

I don’t like football so I’m one of the few people that are glad England have pathetically limped out of this silly game so we can go back to normality.  But I am sad for the fans who put their heart and soul into and feel the black cloud of abject disappointment over their heads.  This is probably why it’s every four years, because it takes that long to get over the depression and forget why you shouldn’t get so excited to see them kick a bag of air about.  Football fans need to take a note from the Eurovision fans.  They don’t care if we win and enjoy all the block voting and politics that aren’t supposed to be part of it.

So for those of you who are feeling sad and blue, I have the perfect antidote.  A special world cup edition of Cape Lifting.  I know, but no need to thank me.

Mike “The Woman” Belgrave


Comics on Comics podcast 01 and Cape Lifting 02 – R.S. Freshpea

So like most comedians I have started a podcast.  Yianni Agisilaou took the piss out of me when we drove to a gig together recently because I kept mentioning how I was ahead of my time with so many things and should have stuck with them.  He’s right to take the piss of course, because now I’m finally getting round to doing a podcast it will look like I’m jumping on the band wagon rather than being the pioneer that I am.

So I checked out some online videos, bought some clip on mics and for a few quid turned my cheap digital recorder into a multi microphone podcasting kit.  As I was getting lots of nice compliment about my comic I also discovered that a lot of the comedians I know also read comics.  This got me thinking, how many times have I talked and talked and talked about comics to other comedians?  And how many hours have we wasted with absolute gems of conversations based on comics?  Probably none, but I’m optimistic.

So I got Nik Coppin to pop over for beef stew and a few glasses of red wine and gin and tonic and did our first podcast.  Yes I’m a bit drunk, yes we take a long time to actually talk about comics, yes we go off at tangents, yes the recorder ran out half way through, yes the mic could be closer to my mouth, yes the volume could be a bit louder, but what can I say?  Perhaps only I notice these things because I’m a perfectionist.



It’s been edited down and is now available for subscription on iTunes.






And I’ve been a busy boy as I’ve also completed another Cape Lifting.