The World Cup and Cape Lifting 04 – R.S. Freshpea

I don’t like football so I’m one of the few people that are glad England have pathetically limped out of this silly game so we can go back to normality.  But I am sad for the fans who put their heart and soul into and feel the black cloud of abject disappointment over their heads.  This is probably why it’s every four years, because it takes that long to get over the depression and forget why you shouldn’t get so excited to see them kick a bag of air about.  Football fans need to take a note from the Eurovision fans.  They don’t care if we win and enjoy all the block voting and politics that aren’t supposed to be part of it.

So for those of you who are feeling sad and blue, I have the perfect antidote.  A special world cup edition of Cape Lifting.  I know, but no need to thank me.

Mike “The Woman” Belgrave


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