Stream ultraviolet movies to google chromecast with an iPhone finally in the UK

Hooray.  If like me you have a huge collection of UV (UltraViolet) movies, but an iPhone you probably know you need an Android tablet to stream to a google chromecast via Blinkbox.  Well that’s now over thanks to Sainsbury’s Entertainment.  Sign up for free, link your UltraViolet collection to your Sainbury’s entertainment account via your computer, then get the app on your phone from iTunes.

Be warned, some of your UV film will not play on the Sainsbury Entertainment app even though they’re listed.  For example, I could play Despicable Me 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but not the first movies.

Also any UV codes you’ve got from America won’t be listed either.  Nor will anything from the BBC website which includes all of the Doctor Who codes.


R.S. Freshpea.

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