Of Mice and Fruit – Nik Coppin

Hey True Believers,
Be careful what you wish for is my overriding message here.
You have been voting for the underdogs and the obscure characters in the debut year of Battle of the Superheroes, so check out the next two line-ups. The winner of which will meet Green Lantern, Hulk, Judge Dredd and, er, Rom; SpaceKnight in the grand final on Sunday 24th August.
Now remember, you asked for this!
Monday 18th: Superman v The Punisher v DANGERMOUSE!
Tuesday 19th: Batman v Deadpool v BANANAMAN!
Yes, True Believers, you brought this upon yourselves! You’ve voted for non-comedians, non-superheroes, socks and TOYS!
Now you can vote for MICE and FRUIT!
5pm in  Mata Hari in Espionage. See you there for rodents and dessert!
Make Mine Marvel.


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