Lantern Wins?! – Nik Coppin

Well, what a fun and extremely interesting debut Battle of the Superheroes show we had, with a very surprising victor.

In an amazing twist of fate, not only did the highly unfavoured Green Lantern (let’s face it, the movie was pants on toast) fend off Marvel heavyweight Wolverine and cult hero Daredevil, but as The Lantern has done in many comic books, he also did it by changing guises.

Let’s start with the story of Thor not making it for his slot at the show. The Thunder God, AKA Saif Al Taii Abu-Kandil had misread the start time information and was sitting in the Edinburgh Mosque when I called to find out where he was. Praying to the wrong God, mate! Odin, not Allah for this show!

Therefore, Australian kids entertainer Matt Grey stepped up to the plate to argue the case for Daredevil. Matt was due to make his case tomorrow, but had decided to turn up and watch the opening show.

Yes, people, a blind man could find the show, whereas a God could not!

So, back to the winner. The Green Lantern! I know, right?! I still can’t quite believe it! But even more so, when I tell you that the man representing GL himself, Aidan Goatley had to leave early to go and pick up his daughter, so we thought it would be a great idea to see if an audience member would like to step in and take Aidan’s place in the final argument battle section of the show.

After a heavy prod in the ribs from his friend that was unsubtle enough for all in the room to see, up stood ‘Danny’ from the crowd. A good-looking smooth-faced chap who was more than a match for the unshaven Wolverine and unsighted Daredevil and dare I say it, there was quite a bit of sexual tension between him and Chris Henry’s Wolvie. Get a room, guys!

When it came to the final vote, which Jamie McCarney and I put to an audience clapping and cheering sound-off, with Rob ‘The Adjudicator’ Deb deciding who won, Danny had amazingly beat the ‘professional’ competition and won it for The Green Lantern! Can he go all the way to the final and even win the whole competition? Or will we see him fall in the semi-final? We shall see!

Tomorrow’s second heat sees Cyclops v Thor v Aquaman v Judge Dredd. AKA Javier Jarquin v Saif Al Taii Abu-Kandil v Rik Carranza v Mike Belgrave.

See you soon, True Believers.


Battle of the Superheroes is at the Free Festival Laughing Horse @ Espionage 5pm 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th and 25th Aug. FREE.