Justice League review by Nik Coppin **** (4/5)

Well get me some Kryptonite, DC might actually be back on track.

Man of Steel wasn’t quite as bad as people said, but still not very good, Batman v Superman was an overly-long incoherent mess with too many plot holes and silly scenes, Suicide Squad was simply awful (with the worst Joker ever, here’s hoping the theory that he’s actually Jason Todd is true, editor) , Wonder Woman was really good but overrated, and Justice League

…was actually pretty good!

We actually do get a coherent plot here that actually makes sense and builds and ties together quite nicely. The antagonist, Steppenwolf, is a pretty powerful sinister villain that causes all sorts of problems for all the superpowered heroes around him in his megalomaniac pursuit.

And of course, there are no spoilers to be had in DC’s worst kept open obvious secret that Superman is going to return. And he does. And it’s handled very well indeed.

As is how the characters come together and get to know each other in making up the team.

I was honestly almost hoping for this film to be so bad so I could delight in slagging it off, but I’m a little glad to be wrong and can’t understand where all awful reviews are coming from.

DC still has a lot of work to do and some ground to make up to catch up to Marvel Studios, who I think are probably too far ahead and possibly out of sight, but for me, this was the best of the recent DC shared universe movies so far.

4 stars

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