Hulk Socks It To ‘Em! – Nik Coppin

It seems all The Hulk’s trash talk was enough to put off his challengers, as Ben Clover stomped home winning heat 3 of The Battle of the Superheroes this evening.

A well-played, arrogant, knowledgeable Andrew Roper did his best for the weaponized-suited Iron Man, as did Hashem El Garhy with an impassioned – if not quite so well-informed – argument for (Irish?!) Captain America, but Ben Clover’s green sock puppet with beads for eyes and a high-pitched northern woman’s voice stole the honours.

Verily, ’twas a fun show, but there were a few more non-geeks in than in heats 1 and 2 for some indeterminable reason. And the younglings that were brought to an 16+ rated event probably learnt a few more expletives and expressions about iron cocks. The mechanized farmyard chicken variety, of course!

Tomorrow sees Marvel’s biggest gun The Amazing Spider-Man step up and take on DC’s Wonder Woman as well as at least one other to be confirmed. Another hero must rise up and take the place of Iceman who heard it was a ‘heat’ and cried off.

Battle of the Superheroes is at the Free Festival Laughing Horse @ Espionage 5pm 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th and 25th Aug. FREE.

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