Hulk Smashes! – Nik Coppin

Hulk wins!It was a smashing final as The Incredible Hulk, represented by Ben Clover took the honours in the inaugural Battle of the Superheroes show.

Ben beat off Javier Jarquin representing Rogue in the final clap-off before his sock-puppet Hulk did a victory crowd surf around the room, ending the debut year in fine and fun style.

A special mention went to Dan De Cruz – ‘The People’s Champion’ – for rising up out of the crowd in Heat 1 to get the hugely unfavoured Green Lantern into the Grand Final.

George Quinn’s Superman got proceedings off to a great start by making toast for the audience with his heat vision, but again fell flat when it came to the arguing and question & answer stage.

Rik Carranza toyed with trying to get Rom: SpaceKnight to win, but couldn’t quite do the hairdryer-wielding robot to reach the dizzying heights that Andrew Roper did in smashing Marvel’s biggest gun, Spider-Man and DC’s most famous female, Wonder Woman in that historic landslide victory in Heat 4 of the competition.

The other finalist, Bob Graham’s Judge Dredd was a shadow of the amazingly energetic rendition that was won through by the much more well-informed R.S Freshpea.

Next year we shall have super villains enter the fray!
See you soon, True Believers.

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