Edinburgh Fringe Review 2014 – When it Rains – 2b Theatre Company (4/5)

More Maus then Marvel, more Joe Sacco then Superman.  This live action animated graphic novel is a great investigation into a dark comedy for modern times.

Opening with classic melancholia and Sergei Gainsbourg’s weary tones, the play revolves around a brother and sister and their respective husband and wife. Alan is a statistical being all maths and logic, his sister on the other hand is disorganised, unconfident and frightful of the passionate imbalance her husband Louis has. Alan’s wife Sybil on the other hand is far more composed and through the narration we learn more about the happiness and happenstance that beleaguers the two couple’s lives.

The setting is stunning and you feel add a sense of the play as commentary with the two dimension sets blending seamlessly into the archetypes the actors play. To be honest any description cannot give it justice so why not see what I mean with this short video courtesy of the 2b Theatre Company.

There is a fantastic musical interlude and the narrative voice helps give the objective humour the bleak situations require.

In the end there is no singular hero in this piece but it is a great lunch time play and should be applauded for its audacity. While at over an hour there are moments of longeurs, but I would be hesitant to cut any moments for fear of undermining the text.

Try something different, try something challenging and try something with a portion of French. And you will be rewarded.  This show is a unique experience on the fringe.



When it Rains is at the Pleasance Dome (venue 73) 3.35pm 5, 7-10, 12-17, 19-23 TICKETS HERE

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