Daredevil series 2 Review by Andrew Roper

Matt Murdock is back.
Is the best superhero show on TV,  still the best?

Short answer, yes.Daredevil_season_2
Season Two of Daredevil has landed, let the bingeing commence. At first glance the second season isn’t a repeat of the first. It moves faster, it doesn’t linger quite so much on long conversations with priests or mentors, and it certainly doesn’t have a central villain of the stature of Wilson Fisk. Instead there’s new characters, and broader questions about the vigilante actions of Daredevil, who is now well and truly established in Hell’s Kitchen.
Of the new kids, John Bernthal gives us perhaps the best Punisher yet. Without a doubt it’s the most interesting take on the character. Almost immediately he clashes with Daredevil and sparks fly as two different ideologies go head to head. Much of this season rests on the shoulders of Frank Castle, and Bernthal handles it without missing a beat.
Add to that Elodie Yung as Elektra and suddenly Matt Murdock’s world looks very different. Sadly, Elektra struggles to reach the heights of the Punisher, and her character is probably the weak link of this series. Also in keeping with the slightly different tone, the show veers away from organized crime, and into ancient cults, and ninjas which may seem a little jarring for those not already fans of the Man without Fear.
Some things haven’t changed though, and the fight choreography is still the best of any superhero TV show, probably the best of any TV show, period. If anything, the sheer amount of fighting is more and the Punisher introduces a bloodier element to it all.
Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher, ninjas… You had me at hello.

I can’t help but wonder how Ben Affleck feels. The story always was that Affleck took the role of Daredevil in the movie, because he thought he’d never get to play Batman. Ironically, now he’s playing Batman, it’s not going so well, while Charlie Cox is knocking Daredevil out of the park.

Overall, if you’re worried that season two won’t live up to season one – relax. The DNA of Season One is still there, it still elevates the material to new heights, but this is not an exact copy and it delves even deeper into comicbook lore. Was Season One better? Hard to say, but one thing we can all agree on… bring on Season Three.

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