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I get influenced by a lot of things.  So do a lot of people.  After reading my last blog I realised I was occasionally using flowery language because I had just seen A Poet in New York the biopic about Dylan Thomas.  To be honest I know very little about Dylan Thomas and apart from Under Milk Wood which I have listened to once (more to hear the amazing voice of Richard Burton than anything else) I doubt if I’ll really get into him as I dislike…. actually how can I put this more politely…. I do not understand poetry.  But I admire writers.  A lot.  I have the greatest respect and admiration for them.  By coincidence so did Richard Burton.  For all of his talent he wanted nothing more to be a writer.  I have had the fortune to meet two published writers at Rob Deb’s party and at a gig.  I only found out when they joined me on twitter that they were writers and that impressed me greatly.  Not the stuff I’m knocking out for free, but the kind of, “look them up on Amazon and there they are” kind of authors.

By a coincidence I went to see my parents and my dad told me he didn’t like A Poet in New York and knew even less about Dylan Thomas’ works than I did.  He went on to tell me he watched the documentary Imagine with Phillip Roth.  He enjoyed this a lot, but he had also never read any of his work.  I at least have read Portnoys Complaint.

01 Cape Lifting - Batman VS Superman by Mike BelgraveThe work is going nicely for issue two of Love in London, but it will be a few month before it’s finished.   I’m getting some great feedback too.  Admittedly it’s along the lines of “Love it, but you’re mad as a box of frogs.”

But in the mean time I’ve decided I need to work on my children’s show and do occasional one panel comic based cartoons and a podcast of comedians and general comedy types talking about comics.

In the meantime here’s the first Cape Lifting cartoon.  Batman VS Superman.  Why Cape Lifting?  No idea.  Rob Deb said it was a good title and there’s barely any Google hits for it.

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