Edinburgh Fringe Review 2014 – Choose Your Own Comedy Adventure – Alasdair Beckett-Kin and Barry Ferns (4/5)

Firstly, this show on paper is doing everything that could possibly go wrong at a live fringe show.  A high level of tech at a free gig in a late night slot with no time for a technical rehearsal or stage blocking should spell disaster.

10272556_671786519535063_6665351923135727720_oHowever, I saw a preview night and the engagement of the audience was a sight to behold.  Barry and Alasdair make a great double act.  They start by comforting and bringing the punters in and starting the show with a ‘taster’ set of their own personalities. Barry being an experienced MC ensured the audience and Alasdair’s role as button wizard/stooge held the crowd with great aplomb.

What follows is an interactive narrative in a very traditional Choose Your Own Adventure style of multiple choices.  The animation style and artwork showing the comical sensibilities of South Park while giving the movement the rapid pace of the Python foot splash was a joy.

Technical problems were easily pulled over and reconfigured and the ability of these guys to take a late night crowd and get them to listen to a story was amazing. Admittedly it was the story of a southern drawl lady and involved, via audience participation her booming voice, her vampire lover, her redundancy and of course a werewolf orgy.

A great sense of fun and the audience continued to throw more and more at the talented duo who added more and more as it progressed.

A feel good show and a great one to watch as it changes every night.  I will definitely catch it again.



Choose Your Own Comedy Adventure is at the Counting House 11.15pm (not 5th, 12th or 19th) and is part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival.  Free entry with a donation at the end of the show.

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