Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice review. A tale of two reviews

Batman-vs-Superman.1910x1000At no expense spared I flew two of my top reviewers to London and Australia to cover the premiers of Batman vs Superman Dawn of justice. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the quality of the beer, perhaps it was the ladies underwear they were wearing, but I ended up with two distinctly different reviews. Here they are, follow the bitch fight as they continue to argue in the comments. Feel free to pitch in.


Rating : 4/5
Almost three years on from its initial announcement this has probably been one of the most hotly anticipated films since with the exception of the Force Awakens. With this level of scrutiny one cannot help but feel that you have seen the film already and made your judgement call. Firstly you haven’t and second, it was Brave and the Bold wasn’t it?

From the outset Snyder returns to his favourite themes; that of Man vs. God. With an opening set piece reminiscent of Cloverfield the film starts during the final scenes of Man of Steel as we watch Bruce Wayne do his utmost to save all he can in the plight of the often commented on destruction.

The film sets a collision course from this point between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel; you will get to see the fight night bout you have been waiting for but there are a good 12 rounds to go before you see the final blow.

Wasting very little time on anything but the most elemental aspects of ‘Batman’ his character is a great take on the caped crusader; a little weary and very lost and still increasingly consumed by rage, Affleck does a great job of bringing out the feral charm of our anti-hero. He is painted almost as a timeless batman with scenes cut and cribbed from his entire publication run while boiling it down to a man driven to the edge for justice.

The film is primarily, first and foremost a Superman film. As Clark deals with the consequences of his actions and the scrutiny of the world. As the world comes to both see him as a Saviour and a menace at the same time.

The film is grandiose, colourful, audacious and admittedly absurd. But the through line and the plot exist on an operatic scale that is built for such things.
In regards to ‘world building’ there is a whole sense of a universe and alien worlds here.

Wonder Woman brings a much needed dimension to the piece while also creating more questions than answers and leaves me eager to see where that character goes. My reasons for not giving it five are more in the detail; ironically while the story is relatively linear, it’s when it attempts to restrain itself to plot in certain scenes it struggles. It’s a messy film ‘but a glorious ‘Eton Mess’ of a film and I would have liked to see it be allowed to expand on that aspect.

There weaknesses lie in Lois Lane, who is acted gamely by Amy Adams but does little to add to the story except in the most perfunctory manner, in many ways a wry ‘Alfred’ to the big blue boy scout. Jessie Eisenberg ..Well…I’m not a fan of his acting choices and while it’s a refreshing take on Lex Luther he lacks the sense of menace that I feel is so intrinsic to the character.

This film is a film of the heart and will leave you punch drunk with its audacity, a great one to see.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by Nik Coppin 2.5/5
Two things I said from the start. Ben Affleck will be a better Batman than people think. He was.
They have decided to put too much and too many characters in the movie. They did.
For a movie that was meant to be Batman versus Superman, we took a very long, convoluted and confusing time getting there, and when we did – courtesy of a quite ridiculous plan by Lex Luthor, they didn’t go at it very long.
Of course then Zack Snyder decided to have yet another darkness and flashing light show of levelling buildings. Why-oh-why with all of that, Zack? Again.
The characterisation of Diana Prince was good and our new Wonder Woman clearly has an interesting back story and potential for her movie, but her getting involved in the mass destruction dust-up with Doomsday the way she did was needless. She would’ve been better saved for later and just portrayed as an interesting and mysterious woman for now.
Too much about this movie didn’t make sense, but if they’d concentrated on what the title of the movie said it was going to be about and not getting all pre-Justice League on it, it could have done. It would have been a lot better too.
Sorry DC, but if anything, this has just proved again that you are simply too far behind Marvel and are not getting any closer to catching up.
Considering this was a match-up we’ve all been hoping and waiting for on the big screen for so long, it was very messy and disappointing.

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